Michel Fortin’s Git Mirror

This is a list of some of my projects accessible using the Git version control system. With Git installed on your computer, you can create a local copy of a repository, work on it — to create patches for instance — and keep in sync a local version.

To learn more about using Git, please read the Git User Manual.

Mirrored Repositories

D for Xcode
A plugin for allowing development in the D programming language within Xcode.
An experimental branch of the DMD compiler integrating the Objective-C object model inside of the D programming language.
The D/Objective-C Bridge [deprecated]
A bridge allowing languages D and Objective-C to share objects almost seemlessly between each other. Include bindings for the Cocoa framework.
PHP Markdown & Extra
Repository for PHP Markdown, a text-to-html converter based on Markdown by John Gruber. Also hosts PHP Markdown Extra in a separate branch.
PHP SmartyPants & Typographer
Repository for PHP SmartyPants, a typographic beautifier for html files ported to PHP from the original in Perl by John Gruber. Also hosts PHP SmartyPants Typographer in a separate branch.
Repository for MDTest, a testsuite and benchmark tool for Markdown parsers.