PHP Markdown’s Git Repository

The URL of this page is also the URL for interacting with the Git repository of the PHP Markdown project. With Git installed, you can create a local copy of this repository with the following command:

git clone

Once you've cloned the repository this way, a “php-markdown” folder has been created and its content should reflect the latest update to PHP Markdown.

This clone of the PHP Markdown repository has one local branch (“master”) and two remote branches (“origin/master” and “origin/extra”). When cloned, the local branch “master” gets based on the remote branch “origin/master” on the server. If you wish to work with PHP Markdown Extra instead of plain PHP Markdown, you can rebase your local branch on the remote “extra” branch:

git rebase origin/extra

You may also move directly to the remote branch with:

git checkout origin/extra

If you later wish to update local branch to the latest available version use:

git pull

Please note that the head of this repository may contain untested or unstable code from time to time, so be careful.

Refer to the Git documenation to learn more about using Git.